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Anonymous asked: Found out who jfgoofy was I am scarred for life. Why does he have to comment and critic EVERYONES Clarence pairing art if he doesn't like it?!

Some people are assholes

ask--jasmine-and--shawn asked: Ugh I am kinda cares about how Clarence's new voice and what it will sound like. Are you?

im just glad hes getting a new voice

Anonymous asked: tbh, and not to be rude, I really like Clarence. I respect your opinion to not like him, but the show wouldn't be as whimsical and wouldn't give you that serene child aesthetic that one gets when they watch the show without his silly shenanigans. He's like Steven from Steven universe and in my opinion, it wouldn't be a show without him. Even Jeff and Sumo don't know what to do without him in the slumber party episode. Buy hey, that's just my opinion. And again, not trying to offend.

It’s ok you’re not offending anyone! I respect your opinion and see hwre you’re coming from. I just find his character annoying and unlikable.

ghostslimers asked: i got like 15 asks like that one time, i feel you.

I feel ya Finn these anons come in waves

hallowsdeer asked: WOW those anons need to fuck off wow

Yeah bruh wtf

oopsishipit asked: Stop having perfect BoM art omg

NEVER!!! (Thanks!! Ilyouuu)

Anonymous asked: Poop joke Poop Joke. RAAAPE

Ok well it’s time to turn off anon